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Make Today Your ‘Some Day’ – Get Moving With These Three Questions To Guide You

Moving ahead, changing habits and achieving goals often feel more like one step forward, one step back and a few times around in circles. You do however have what it takes. I know this for sure. You have more in you and the possibilities are endless. 

Finding ‘more-in-me’ is a practice. A state of mind. In my research on people who make changes and accomplish goals, I’ve discovered three facets to their performance: Will, Focus and Fortitude.

1. Will - Why do I want to? 

Will is the inner conviction and deep commitment to take action and go after what you want. You may not know how you will get where you want to go however you are willing to do what it takes and accept whatever that entails. The question that leads to what you are willing to do is ‘why’. Why do I want to?

We spend time on the activities that are important to us. What makes them important? We see a direct connection between the activity and our values. Values provide direction and are aspirational. If it is important to us we’ll find a way to do it. Make the direct connection between your values and moving. Your options will become clear and your choices easier. Here are some ideas for creating a values related question to guide you.

2. Focus - What do I focus on? 

Focus is about energy. Your energy is directed to where you focus your mind. Having a strategy or plan that provides direction on where, when and how to focus your energy is key. Discipline enables you to gain traction and keep moving towards what you want. One step at a time.

Once you’ve decided you’re willing, the question is What do I focus on? Here’s my heart-heart-centred winning formula for getting moving. It’s a whole person approach – body, mind and spirit. Engaging your spirit in the discovery of what’s possible and using your mind to create tangible, enticing actions to fortify you on your journey to getting moving.

3. Fortitude - How will I keep moving towards what I want? 

Fortitude is about staying power. Establishing habits and daily practices that fortify you. Generating strength and courage to keep you moving and releasing the flow of energy to sustain your motivation to take action. The question here is, How will I keep moving towards what I want?

One effective way is to find inspiring mentors and an engaging learning community.  In my research and in my own experience I’ve found having community around me makes a world of difference. People who believe in me even more than I do sometimes! Mentors are especially helpful, sharing their wisdom and experience to help us learn. 

Choose Today

Changing our habits and patterns is a dance of taking action and choosing our attitude. Sometimes the body can lead the mind. Getting moving and becoming more active influences your choices in multiple aspects of your life. Other times your mind leads the way. Having a more-in-me mindset is a powerful ally for making commitments that matter to you.

What are you waiting for? Make today your ‘some-day’! Sign-up to get moving! Signing up generates the will, focus and fortitude to discover what’s possible.

What are you willing to sign-up for? Today! 

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