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A Heart-Centered Winning Formula For Getting Moving

Movement of any sort means knowing where you want to get to. Or what you want to change. Or at least having a pretty good idea. A focal point. A destination. A compelling future state. Once you have the endpoint determined, you need a roadmap for getting there. What do you need to learn? What will keep you motivated? And of course specific actions, at least initial steps to get you moving. You can adjust and change later. Moving in any direction provides information on where to go next. One step after another. And in this case, literally, because your overarching desire is to get moving. Right?! Now is the time.

Many of you likely have your own approach to goal setting. Any approach is fine as long as it works for you. I propose this heart-centered approach for achieving tangible outcomes designed to create movement. Yes, to get you moving literally and through the process create a shift or movement as well in your thinking about yourself, your beliefs about what’s possible and your courage to try something new. This winning formula includes three familiar elements: targets, goals and actions.

Finding ‘More-In-Me’ = Targets + Goals + Actions

The target is the focal point. Goals are the new behaviours, attitudes, and habits that help you reach your target. The actions are the specifics that initiate your movement. In other words, the target is your destination and the goals represent what you learn about yourself on your journey and who you become on your way to achieving your target. The actions are the steps you take along the journey to your destination.

It’s a winning formula because regardless of the outcome, you’ll learn something about yourself. A shift in attitude, perspective or beliefs. That equals movement. See – regardless of the outcomes, you’ll win.

It’s a whole person approach – body, mind and spirit. Engaging your spirit in the discovery of what’s possible and using your mind to create tangible, enticing actions to fortify you on your journey to getting moving.

Let’s get your movement started!


Targets are measurable outcomes such as distance walked, frequency of activities, race times, % improvement and so on. Targets determine your direction. The value of setting targets lies in the process you go through in your efforts to achieve the targets. Make sure and set a target. As you work towards your target, you might decide to adjust your target or discover another target that’s more enticing. Don’t worry whether you have the ‘right’ target. Just pick one and see where you end up. Because targets are measurable, include a completion date. Here are some examples:

  • Walk 5k within 2 months.
  • Achieve a personal best (PB) in X event
  • Climb the stairs to my 5th floor office by the end of the school term
  • Complete a specific scheduled event this season (run, walk, triathlon)
  • Learn to paddle board across the bay by the end of the summer
  • Be able to swim non stop for 25 min
  • Improve my time by Y minutes in X event


Goals represent the characteristics, habits or discipline required to achieve your targets. Goals encompass the broader spectrum from emotion to attitude, that make you the person you are, and that keep you on course to reach your targets. Goals are about the process you establish in order to achieve your targets. Identify the goals that are meaningful for you. Here are some ideas to consider. Create your own list.

  • Prioritize my movement activities on my calendar every week.
  • Develop mental discipline by committing to my activity regardless of the weather
  • Establish a routine of incorporating appropriate strength training exercises into my activities
  • Learn to love training and being active (yes you can learn this!!)
  • Develop the discipline for the necessary training & drills to improve my time
  • Do this with others – a community of people to motivate me and learn with
  • Make sure I get adequate rest and recovery
  • Start everyday with a positive affirmation such as “I got this” or “I have more in me!”
  • Practice curiosity and compassion in my progress towards getting moving.


Committed actions are what move you from a dream or wish to reality and achieving your target. Actions are the specific steps on your journey that will move you towards your destination. Most important is to take action. Take that first step. See what happens. Examples include:

  • Park far away from the building entrance and find other opportunities to increase steps everyday. Record my steps and increase my steps every week.
  • Practice hills – walk, run or cycle uphill to develop strength and cardio
  • Hire a trainer or find an experienced person to help me create a realistic plan to reach my target
  • Sign up for my target event and ask 3 friends to join me. i.e. 5k Walk/Run For The Cure, Dragon Boats
  • Hire a swim coach or join a masters swim team.
  • Join a local club or meet up group. i.e. walking, running, paddling, hiking, triathlon
  • Attend a yoga class once a week to build my strength and improve flexibility
  • Search online to find a training plan for my level of fitness and activity

Winning Is About The Process…

Once you have your target it’s important to detach yourself from it and focus on the process it takes you through. This way, if you miss your target, you still have other accomplishments to celebrate such as finding the courage to take the first step, learning about your habits and patterns, developing stamina and resiliency, practicing commitment, not giving up, overcoming limiting beliefs and so on. Any one of these accomplishments is deserving of celebration. Most important is to take that first step. To literally get moving and see where the path takes you and who you become in the process. Whatever the end result, you are a winner!!

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We’ll move into possibility together!

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