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The Quintessential Act of Commitment to Get Moving – You’ve Got To Sign Up!

Making time to get moving is not a luxury but a necessity. The research is conclusive. Moving our bodies is not only about physical health, it has a positive effect on our mental, emotional and spiritual health too. To be our best in all aspects of our lives, we must move our bodies. Yes, exercise. Moving your body will initiate an upward spiral of improved overall health, more energy and a positive outlook on life. 

Moving your body. Exercise. A simple activity, yes. And it may not seem so easy to execute. Perhaps you haven’t been active lately or your schedule seems overly full or you have your usual routine and are content. The idea of adding something new to the mix or taking on a new challenge makes you tired. Here’s the thing –

Committing and acting on bringing focused movement into your life will give you more energy, clear your mind, facilitate problem solving and creativity, and balance your mood. ~Laurie Hunt

And quite likely save you money with fewer doctor visits, meds and ailments in the long term. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up!

Think about the areas of priority in your life where you take action automatically. Your home. Your partner. Your children. Your job. Your business. Your education. Your volunteer work. For all these aspects of your life, you had to sign up. In some cases, you literally signed a document. In others, you didn’t actually sign but the commitment is as real as if you signed a document. Your kids. Your volunteer work. Your pet. And your actions align with these commitments. Paying the rent or mortgage. Walking the dog and feeding your children. Going to class and studying for exams. 

The same holds true for getting moving. If you sign up for something you are much more likely to take continued action. You set a target and then establish goals to help you get there. 

What to sign up for? Where? How?    

Here is a list of ideas that I have used to get and keep me moving. Don’t overthink it. The most important factor is that you sign up. 

  • Find out what programs are being offered at your local community centre. Read the program guide and see what sparks your interest. The costs are usually quite reasonable and you’ll be able to learn with a community of people. You are signing up for a defined period of time so you know what the parameters of your commitment are. In my local community listings, intro to triathlon and adult swimming lessons are popular options.
  • Take advantage of opportunities when they appear. Choose now not later. I met a woman recently who teaches tai chi. I keep hearing about the great benefits of tai chi and I’ve been curious. I used this opportunity as motivation to attend her class and learn about the practice.  
  • Ask a friend if s/he would go with you to try an activity or participate in an event. Anything from a yoga class to a local walk/run or a long distance bike event. My husband used to cycle a lot however over the years he became more of a couch potato. He’s been trying to become more active again after a hip replacement a few years ago. With a nudge from me, last year we signed up for an 80km cycling event. It was a big stretch goal for him. Being able to train together made a difference and it was a special moment when we finished. He agreed to sign up for the 100km ride this year. Signing up can have surprising results!
  • Find out what clubs or meet up groups are in your area. Surround yourself with a community of people who are interested in the same activity. This is a great way to meet people if you move to a new area. I joined our local kayak club to meet people who paddle and to learn about kayaking because I now live in a more rural area with lots of lakes. Participating in a kayak camping trip with club members is a special memory. I also run with a meet up group through our local outdoor store. They meet on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. My goal is to run with them once a week because regularity is important, not just for me, but for the other people looking for a shared community experience. Plus friendships that evolve from a shared experience are extra special. And I’ve recently become interested in trail running and I plan to connect with a local trail running group. You can find community for every activity.  
  • Join an online group. One of the great benefits of social media is that we can find groups for just about anything – support, education, meet-ups, specific events, races and the list goes on. I invite all women to join The More-In-Me Women’s MOVEment group, a community of women who support and encourage each other in being active. 
  • Take a beginner class. Local outdoor stores offer all kinds of learning opportunities – often for free or very little money – hiking, bike maintenance, learn to ride or run/walk programs, stand up paddle board, camping. And don’t forget online programs, videos and podcasts. We have access to so much information. Warning: Sitting in front of your computer is not moving!! On-line programs, groups and information are valuable but you must sign up for an activity or event. You might sign up in conjunction with an online group or take an online program, just make sure you actually do the moving!! 
  • Take on a big challenge. You never know what’s possible until you try. Running marathons and completing a half iron distance triathlon have had a tremendous impact on me and how I see myself. In fact, these accomplishments are what fuelled my motivation for The More-In-Me MOVEment! We all have more in us. What’s possible for you? 
  • Just sign up. Decide you are going to do ‘it’ and then do it! You’ve got this!! Whatever you choose, you can do it. You’ll discover new aspects of yourself and you might be surprised at what the future holds for you by signing up. Signing up can change your life. Lionel Sanders now a pro triathlete, world record holder in full long course 140.6 distance triathlon, shares openly how when he was at his lowest in drug and alcohol addiction, he signed up for an Ironman triathlon without really knowing what it meant. (It means a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike followed by an 26.2 mile run.) He just knew he needed something really big to change his life. He is now a top pro triathlete.

Sign up!

Trust that little voice inside that has been curious about an activity. Make the commitment. Sign up. You always have the option to change your mind. You can change to something else later if you decide you really don’t like the activity.

Once you’ve signed up, then show up! Make sure you have a stake in this commitment – tell at least one person what you are doing for accountability, find a buddy or join a group that expects to see you regularly and write down your accomplishments. For on-going encouragement and motivation, follow The More-In-Me MOVEment page. 

Most importantly, have fun. Make it an adventure. See what’s possible.  

How are you finding your ‘more’ in the coming months?  Please share what you’ve signed up for in the comments section.

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We’ll move into possibility together!

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