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The More-In-Me Movement Story Part 1: What is it?

What is The More-In-Me Movement?

I believe we all have more in us. You. Me. All of us. I call it a movement because I want to instill this belief in everyone and spread the ‘more-in-me’ message far and wide. A movement is defined as an effort by many to achieve something. It’s not about me. It’s about us. Creating community. Inspiring those around us to become curious to find their ‘more-in-me’ too.

It’s also about moving. Literally. Getting moving towards what matters the most. Figuring out one step. A tiny first step. Often a micro-movement will make a big difference. A slight adjustment can create a new flow of energy that sparks motion. Moving past the sticky places.

What is the ‘more-in-me’ message?

You have more in you. You have the ability to make what may seem inconceivably real.

We are bombarded with messages of what’s wrong with us, what we need more of, less of. Buy this, sign up for that. Our email and social media feeds are filled with suggestions of how we are lacking. Sure we may need to study, learn, get some help and work hard for what we want. However, each of us has the wherewithal to make ‘it’ happen, …whatever it is. We need to believe in ourselves.

I’m fond of saying, “Where your focus goes, energy flows. Be aware of your thoughts and choose your attitude for they determine your possibilities.” Who knows what might be possible by repeating out loud “I have more-in-me!” over and over again. See what bubbles up. The ‘more-in-me’ movement doesn’t mean grand magnificent change (although it could be). It may just be one small shift that is meaningful. It’s about experimenting. Taking a step in any direction to see what happens. Staying curious. Open to possibility.

Most importantly, moving towards ‘more-in-me’ is meant to be fun. Playing, laughing, singing, dancing, running, rolling in the grass. Making snow angels. Notice how moving makes you feel. What possibilities can you imagine for yourself after skipping down the street? Yes, I skip! You can too! You don’t even need a skipping rope!

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