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On Being A Possibilitarian: Yes Pigs Can Fly!


“Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities — always see them, for they’re always there.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Being a possibilitarian has had quite an impact in my life.

After a 20 year corporate marketing/HR career, I obtained a Master’s degree at age 45 and embarked on a new career as a leadership coach and organizational consultant. In order to learn more about eastern traditions, I added Yoga teacher training to the mix. Because I am an equity advocate I studied social change and innovation practices.

I’ve lived in 3 countries and 6 cities in my adult life (so far) and traveled around the world – literally. I’ve run 18 marathons including the prestigious Boston marathon and recently completed a challenging 70.3 half ironman distance triathlon.

How did all this happen? You may think I am just lucky, or fortunate, or athletic, or courageous. Well, yes, I have become all these things. It wasn’t my starting point, however. And I did not have it all mapped out from the beginning. Growing up my four brothers called me fats and pig – even though I was actually quite slim. It affected my confidence and self esteem. Somehow, however, I developed an optimistic view on life. I just kept stepping forward and taking on new challenges. Sometimes successful. Sometimes not. Always learning in the process. I have come to believe anything is possible.

I believe it is this possibilitarian attitude combined with my system disrupter approach to life that generated all these possibilities. What do I mean by this?

Keeping an open mind. Dreaming. A lot. Imagining opportunities. Being wildly curious. My favourite questions are:

  • What else?
  • What if?
  • What’s next?

Also, being willing to disrupt the status quo. Taking the first step because moving in any direction creates momentum. Asking:

  • What habits are getting in the way?
  • What needs to shift or change?
  • What is one step I am willing to take now?

Being a possibilitarian is an attitude.

Being open to possibility allows the space for opportunities to show up. To find more-in-me. My motto for living is:

Where your focus goes, energy flows. Be aware of your thoughts and choose your attitude, for they determine your possibilities. ~ Laurie Hunt

I’ve learned that yes, pigs can fly! And I can do just about anything else I set my mind to doing. Always more-in-me. And in you too!

What’s your motto for living well and flying high?

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