Yoga Basics For Athletes & An Active Lifestyle

Yoga is a natural complement to all your athletic activities, whatever you enjoy: running, hiking, cycling, paddling, swimming, dancing or any activity.

While it may seem like another to-do on the list, in truth, a regular yoga practice will speed recovery and optimize your energy during and after training, racing or just having fun. Prevent injuries too! 

This course has 2 sections: 

1. The Basics: The primary intent of this course is to teach you the basics of yoga and how to practice yoga safely. Whether new to yoga or experienced, you'll learn tips and techniques that will help you customize your practice to meet your unique needs.
The modules in this section are workshop format and cover all aspects and will help you get the most from your yoga practice to support your activities.
  • 7+ Top Benefits of Yoga for Athletes and Active people
  • Yoga gear - what's essential vs. optional
  • Props and how to use them
  • How to practice common yoga poses safely
  • How to breathe to optimize energy and performance

"I really appreciated the comment about sitting on the cushion. I have not been able to sit cross legged for years and that tip helped so much. It's funny nobody has mentioned it before."

While the value of a regular yoga practice is immense, overdoing it or pushing your edges too far can negate the benefits and possibly result in injury. I created this course so that wouldn't happen to you!


2. BONUS Yoga Classes: Five classes of varying lengths, each with a specific focus to meet your needs as they shift and change from day to day.
  • Release and Let Go - 30 min
  • Release and Let Go - 60 min
  • Length, Strength & Lightness - 40 min
  • Building Stamina and Lung Capacity - 60 min
  • Getting Grounded in the Moment - 15 min

You'll learn my top tips and guidance based on my 30 years experience as an endurance athlete and over 15 years studying and practicing yoga. Since starting my yoga practice, I have been injury free! 🤸🏽‍♀️ The previous 15 years - one injury after another. My toughest and longest races have been since I started yoga so I really put what I'm saying to the test!! 

"Thanks so much for this bonus video. It’s just what I needed today. The timing of the movements through the postures is just right. I love the abdominal breathing and the meditation at the end. So calming."

What I've also discovered over the years, is that a regular yoga practice means fast recovery. As I venture into ultra racing and lots of mountain climbing, I have to soreness, aches or pains after an event. These classes will help you achieve the same.  

Your Investment:

Regular price $75

Fall special $27 

(until November 30, 2021)

Yup. That's all. Flat fee. 

You get access to all the Basics modules as well as all 5 Classes for a one time fee of $27. Once you sign up you'll be able to return again and again to access the complete course and classes.  

New classes will be added - I'm known to provide extras - and they will be included in your one time special sign up fee of $27.  

I believe our athletic activities and accomplishments change us. And it never stops. So I don't want you to ever stop.  

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A few details about my athletic experience and yoga training

Some of my athletic achievements include: 

  • 19 marathons in 6 countries (yes Boston too) 
  • 2 half iron distance (70.3) triathlons
  • 55km mountain race in Nepal
  • Hundreds of other running races and triathlons of varying distances. 
  • Plus I enjoy paddling, skiing, hiking and just about any activity outdoors. 

I have completed the following certifications as a yoga instructor along with numerous additional yoga training programs/courses:

  • Certified Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) through the Asheville Yoga Centre in NC
  • Yoga for Athletes Teacher Training with Sage Rountree from Carboro NC
  • Yoga for Mood Teacher Training with Amy Weintraub, founder, LifeForce Yoga, Tucson, AZ
  • Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training for Pranayama: Emotional Wellness, Athletic Performance and Expansion
  • Registered Yoga Teacher with the Canadian Yoga Alliance CYA-RYT 300 hours 

Join me to explore the benefits of yoga for your athletic activities ... and your life! 

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