The More-In-Me Movement™

I’ve started a movement.

‘The More-In-Me MOVEment’…

Come join me!


YOU are capable of so much more than you realize.
YOU ARE more than good enough…. for anything.

However…. ...since you can’t see your untapped potential, finding it means you have to be courageous and step into the unknown.
Join me on this journey to get moving and find your ‘more.’ Even if you don’t know what that is…. trust that you have what it takes to make it real. Your unlimited potential is influenced by what you do everyday…. so what do you do daily to nurture your interest, energy and desire to explore your potential? Which practices get in the way and keep you immobilized?

Intentional daily practices shift your mindset to one of curiosity and possibility which in turn fortifies your interest to take action creating an upward spiral of initiative and energy for finding your ‘More-In-Me’.

Every little step, every little and big accomplishment opens the door to a new possibility. 

Practice little acts of courage every day and watch your more-in-me grow!

Without having met you, I know for sure you have more in you. 

AND you have what it takes to make it real. 

My aim is to entice you to take the first step, followed by the second step and then to just keep on moving. I’ll be here cheering you on - helping you shift your mindset about what’s possible, overriding your fears or doubts, energizing you to step into the unknown, and to be wildly fascinated with what you discover.  

I know you’ve already had some amazing accomplishments. 

Please tell me about your More-In-Me story here.  I want to celebrate with you.
What did you accomplish?
What motivated you?
Please use the link to tell me all about it!! 

More-in-me is an attitude.
A perspective you choose. A belief. 

It’s a movement towards a better life. Did you know when you combine physical movement with will focus and fortitude…. you unleash the energy needed to discover your untapped potential?

Cultivating Will + Focus + Fortitude = Finding ‘More-In-Me’

You’ll figure out what’s possible for you. You’ll take action to fulfill your secret dreams and let go of wishful thinking . And all by actually MOVING. Walking, dancing, running, playing, and even skipping down the street.  All types of movement help overcome inertia. It creates forward momentum and the increased oxygen flowing through your veins improves your mood and renews your energy for everything.

Please know that you will only receive additional communication about The More-In-Me Movement if you click 'yes' to receiving updates. I promise no unsolicited emails! 

Take action right now and download this exercise “Finding ‘More-In-Me’: Figuring Out My First Step” and get moving! CLICK HERE

Did you know:

→ Strength training has a positive effect on your brain health?

→ Movement with intentional breathing can improve your mood?

→ Physical activity has been shown to increase creativity?

What Does The More-In-Me Movement Entail?

The starting point is taking a stand by saying (out loud!) “I have more in me!” and being super curious about what your ‘more’ is. What it would look like? Feel like? And then, get moving!

First, here’s the More-In-Me Manifesto that you can download and keep near to remind you to be wildly fascinated with where your ‘more-in-me’ might take you.

Second, download the Finding More-In-Me Exercise to start seeing possibilities and help you figure out your first step towards your ‘more’.

Thirdplease share your stories of how you’ve found your ‘more-in-me’ already.

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